Version Information:

Electra E6 R2.2.2 Update

  • Updated Electra to be able to use quantity = 0 to hide components from being generated in reports.
  • Updated wire link operations to be far quicker when dealing with large number of pages.
  • Updated LadderZone text to be uniform with existing text on rungs.
  • Updated first number on LadderZone to be automatically set to middle of first rung.
  • Updated creation of symbols to be able to float connection points in sub shapes to the main shape.
  • Updated prefab circuits to work better for more complex circuits.
  • Updated minor code modifications with regards to LMisc.Trim.
  • Updated Electra to disable deletion of default generic component and also default generic cable.
  • Updated Electra to be able to use the front most wire during detection of terminals instead of a random wire.
  • Updated codes to be able to update and upgrade databases.
  • Updated Electra to be more responsive and show messages when dropping prefab circuits.
  • Updated Academic Edition codes for better operations.
  • Updated Electra to be able to hide more columns on Generate Connection Report, Generate BOM Report and Generate Material Reference Report window.
  • Fixed bug that causes Electra not to be able to check for updates.
  • Fixed bug that affects langdb when starting from development environment.
  • Fixed bug that leaves no suggest cell in wires when splitting wires with terminals under certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug that causes error on clicking component button on Edit Reference window when using popup reference window on drop.
  • Fixed bug that displays error when a duplicate record is found in OrgDB with the same component name and category.
  • Fixed prefab circuit bug that leaves a Delete cell in a wire. During deletion, the shape to be deleted is passed to ensure detection of terminals does not work on the deleted wire.
  • Fixed cable tag bug that shows order number 2 times, and inability to show price.
  • Fixed out of stack space errors affecting events in Visio 2013.
  • Fixed prefab circuit creation error when a wire connects to a sub shape.
  • Fixed syncing of prefab formats when a section is not detected.
  • Fixed status display message bug that affects Visio 2013.
  • Fixed minor import component database issue when detecting binary values.
  • Fixed bugs that causes error when using reset document on older Electra E5 template.
  • Fixed generation of connection report bug that leaves empty space after hide unwanted columns.
  • Fixed bug that caused inability to hide column header using right click menu on material reference report.
  • Fixed generation of BOM bug that failed to show the price column if it was hidden previously.

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