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User stories

User Stories

User stories

Fantastic support and great explanations on their software. These guys are next level and soon to be market leaders.

Brian Pribe

Enjoying the software. Again not scrutinizing, so far it is an easy transition from AutoCAD Electrical. Thanks for your support, it has been fantastic.

Philip Horton

Thank you for the Amazing support. These quick email responses made a huge impact on our decision to switch to Electra.

Michael Hickey

In the past I have had some bad experiences with other types of software that were add-ons to a main program. Electra is very well done and the integration is virtually flawless. Thank you for the fine product.

Jordan Ehst

Just want to say THANKS for this great program! You've made my job so much easier... I have purchased my copy. Thanks again...I'm just getting started with Electra but learning quickly. MUCH easier than any Cad program I've used. (Several)

Jonathan Albers

We have received Electra and are currently working it into our system with great success...

Dave Caracciolo

Still learning the product, but I can let you know now, definitely easier and faster than AutoCAD and Solidworks Electrical.

David Campbell

Your quick response to our issues is impressive! Thank you for your commitment to your product.

Todd Wilson

Thank you sir, I appreciate everything. I have received the refund (overpaid) and the new key. Thanks for making a great product.

Dan QuackenBush

You have excellent software and especially excellent customer service. I have already recommended your Electra program to an associate...You've the best customer service I have not seen in a long time. Keep up the good work.

Jim West

I can't begin to tell you how this software has changed my day. Since downloading and using I would like to purchase a subscription before the trial software expires...


Many thanks. I'm impressed with the product and the service!

Kevin Dear

Un programa fenomenal,muy facil de usar y con todas las funcionalidades que se le pueden pedir.. completamente recomendable.

Alejandro Jose Raudales

A great product and I have enjoyed using it and it has been an asset to my business.

Frank Pezzimenti

I appreciate the speed in which you replied and how concise your response/resolution was. I'll be sure to recommend your product from now on.

Marty Payne

Thanks so much for your fast response. I am very impressed with the support I have received to date.

Jim Guszlovan

I love the software, I have trialed many CAD systems over the last couple of weeks and your's is by far the easiest to use!

Guy Rayner

Your software looks amazing and very intuitive so I cant wait to start using it.


As always, Electra/Radica support has been superb...

Dave Dunkin

Quite happy with Electra. It has saved me a lot of design time...

Mike Mcquoid

I must tell you that I have had so much fun working with this program. This program is really easy to work with, it only took me a week to update all my drawings, with the other CAD systems it would have never happened.

Dries Grobler

I want to say THANKS for your support, it is not so obvious when you buy a software that you will get the support. I'm very satisfied with selecting RADICA product.

Rahamim Erez

As always very impressed with your software, keep up the good work.

Jason Caruana

I saw today that Electra E7 has been released which is awesome news! We have been users of E6 for a couple of years now and love the software. It is absolutely great for what we do as a small OEM in the water treatment industry.

Ben Baum

I would recommend Radica Electra to anyone who wants a simple but effective electrical/engineering drawing package that has A1 backup and support, with support like this at this price it's amazing. Again, thank you all for your support.

Darren Pyke

Your customer service is amazing, I'll be sure to subscribe to your product when the trial runs out.

Jack Humphries

I've found the package to be extremely useful and it compliments Visio's capabilities nicely. The support is excellent too. MUCH better than most other software packages I've used.

Steve Sandberg

Thanks for all your help. All our issues are resolved. When I selected Electra to use in our office my boss hummed and hawed about getting support from a company that is half way around the world. Good job.

Fransis X. Ökrös

All I can say is that Radica have provided fantastic support on my purchase and I would recommend your company to anyone who wants value for their money and guaranteed support. Well done. The thread of information formed by my many emails from purchase to final installation is proof Radica wants to keep its customers happy, including me!

Joseph Borg

I've been using your software for only a few days now (still on the trial) and I have to say you guys have done an awesome job! Please let me stress again that overall, this is the best electrical drawing package I have ever come across. I can't wait to get a chance to fire it up again!

Colin Myburgh

Can't praise Electra enough. We can make drawings a heck of a lot quicker, our productivity has significantly increased, and we produce a more professional document package for our customers. All thanks to Electra. We are even using it for the ATEX systems we are producing. Would recommend it to anyone!


Please allow me to express gratitude on behalf of our company towards the Radica support team, specifically Yan, for staying past (what I assume are) normal business hours. We are at a 12 hour time difference, and Yan fixed both my and a colleague's Electra problems at the beginning of our work day. In spite of the time difference, the support from Radica is top notch.

Michael A. Roseman

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