Siemens Support Policy.

Siemens Support Policy
The Siemens Support Policy (“Support Policy”) describes what support you can expect from us in regards to the use of Capital Electra X's website, diagramming tools, and other online products and services (collectively, "Services").
Siemens provides the following support services for the Service ("Support"):

A. Support Hours. Two sessions of Support are provided 5 days per week, in the below hours:
(i) 9 am - 5 pm EDT/EST, from Tuesday to Saturday. (ii) 9 pm - 5 am EDT/EST, from Monday to Friday.

B. What Our Support Service Includes. At Siemens, we offer support for software initial setup, configuration, and use. Please review the documentation and frequently asked questions on our Help Page at Your question may have been answered. If it has not been addressed, you may submit a support ticket.
Any bugs that are brought to our attention will be fixed as quickly as possible. Additionally, we will attempt to resolve minor errors or issues via our Helpdesk as a preliminary to a more comprehensive configuration. Please inform us if you believe you have discovered a bug. If you wish to expedite the process, begin by following the steps outlined in our self-help guide. If you do not, we may require you to repeat those processes.
Minor bug fixes may be provided for obsolete products but there will be no significant upgrade or addition of features.

C. Incident Response. Support personnel and priority level (“Priority Level”) will be assigned and allocated according to the Licenses purchased, as below.
Priority 1 When the Service is critically affected (not responding to requests or serving content) for a number of users.
Note: Highest priority will be given to users with Capital Electra Professional licenses.
Target Response Time: Within 24 hours
Priority 2 The Service is operational, but performance is affected, and/or the Incident may negatively impact the Service for numerous users.
Target Response Time: Within 48 hours
Priority 3 Non-critical condition; there will be no major effect on the Service's performance, but the user experience may be impacted.
Target Response Time: 3 Days or more

D. Exclusions. Siemens will be under no obligation to provide Support if an Incident is caused by:
(i) Customer's use of the Service in a manner not authorized in the Agreement or applicable Documentation.
(ii) General Internet problems, force majeure events, or other factors beyond Siemens's reasonable control.
(iii) Customer's equipment, software, internet connectivity, or other infrastructure.
(iv) Third-party systems, acts, or omissions.

If you have any questions about or disagreements with our Support Policy, please contact us at [email protected] prior to using the Website. We reserve the right to amend this Support Policy at any moment, so please check this page to ensure you are aware of any changes.
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