The sub panel symbol

Sub panel symbol

When working on larger projects, there may be a need to design circuits for multiple panels. Capital Electra X provides an easy way to organize sub panels into a single project.

In order to divide your circuits into sub panels, simply drag the sub panel symbol onto your drawing and drag handles to encapsulate your circuits. Symbols within the sub panel will be renamed with panel prefix.

Rename symbols with panel prefix when dropped into sub panel

You can choose any name for your sub panels, simply select the sub panel symbol and type away. If you have multiple circuits over multiple pages that makes up a sub panel, you can drop multiple sub panel symbols and name them the same.

Besides, you could go to File | Preferences | Capital Electra Options tab to enable or disable the option Enable panel prefix on references:

Panel prefix on Capital Electra X Options
Panel prefix on Capital Electra X Options

Generate layouts with sub panels

Once you're ready to generate panel layout, the Generate Layout window will show a list of panels that you can select to generate. This allows you to choose the layouts you wish to generate, instead of generating all. For instance, you may select the default panel or any sub panels, then generate multiple panels faster and easier than ever before.

Generate layouts for components within a sub panel
Generate layouts for components within a sub panel
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